Research Platform

The client wanted to develop a web based and secured research platform to host company valuation models in a secure manner, which would prevent infringement of the company’s IP as well as piracy. The client wanted to automate the process of generating timely and detailed reports for distribution to clients and secure the clients website for subscription management. CCR has multiple clients in this domain.

Before CCR was involved

  • The research firm utilized a large number of Excel applications to manage its database that consisted of information on more than 10,000 securities.
  • Analysts downloaded and analyzed data which was very labor intensive and time consuming.
  • The client did not have IT infrastructure. Client research and recommendations were limited and delayed.
  • The client did not have a subscription website.

After CCR was involved

  • A subscription based website was developed and is maintained by CCR.
  • Data capture processes are automated and cross checked with advanced validation and verification checks. The client has an industrial quality data management and analytical tool which has lead to efficiency in productivity and added long-term value .
  • Client has a dynamic system to generate daily/weekly/monthly reports which can be imported into a publication.
  • Reports are customized to client needs and distributed via the website and customized emails to the distribution list. Digital Rights Management (DRM) was applied to prevent compromised and unauthorized distribution.
  • Recommendation changes can be pro-actively sent via email. All research can be easily accessed on a Blackberry, I-Phone and I-Pad.
  • The client can now focus on financial Analysis and Investment recommendations – their core business
  • Application is hosted on the Cloud reducing capital expenses for the client.

Target problem

The clients’ growth prospects were limited due to the lack of its research product offering. Additionally, the confidentiality of reports was threatened due to the lack of security provisions.

Value added to client over time

Cost Saving
CCR provided the firm the IT infrastructure and the technology to automate data management, data modeling and report distribution process to better serve their clients.

Time Saving
An automated data management approach saved valuable time for analysts, who would otherwise spend time data gathering and compilation activities.

Competitive Advantage
The client is now able to compete with larger and well established research firms by delivering timely and detailed research reports.

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