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Make sure your cloud migration is quick, secure and without any disruption with our Cloud Migration Experts.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Computing has now become the very foundation on which your digital transformation is going to take place. According to Forrester Research, nearly 80% of all its workload will be offloaded to cloud by 2020. However, moving to the Cloud is much more complicated than just lift-and-shift. It can be painful without proper planning, execution, and testing. It is one of the most common Cloud related pain points after security.

Our Cloud Migrations Services will help you define your cloud migration roadmap, plan and execute your migration and finally help you take advantage of our cloud investments.

Get to Cloud Faster

With our experience and experts, we can help you migrate to cloud faster and achieve faster time to market.

Mitigate your risk

Our unique approach to cloud migration makes sure that there are no disruptions to current operations while ensuring compliance.

Our Cloud Migration Services Include:

  • Cloud Migration Consulting
  • Cloud Migration Strategy and Road Map
  • Actual Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Migration Testing
  • Cloud Management

We can help you migrate to leading Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud Providers like:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • Azure

Case Study

A major financial services company moved to Cloud with CCR Technologies.

The company faced issues with on-prem servers coming to end-of-life and decided to explore moving to Cloud and avoid capital expense. The project entailed migrating multiple critical database servers and websites without interruption or disruption to business, with a high priority on data security and protection.

Repetitive, tedious workflows holding you back?

Reach out for a bespoke solution.

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