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Why Newsletter Publishing?

Competitive businesses in the financial services domain require a timely, continuous, interesting and relevant engagement with their market savvy clients. To distinguish from the run-of-the-mill newsletters which often end up in the junk-mail folders, we have developed a web platform to compose and distribute newsletters and notifications with custom content of specific interest to individual recipients.

The platform facilitates collaboration and authoring of content and commentary by multiple contributors alongside auto-generated information tables and charts from external data sources. At cutoff time, the newsletter undergoes reviews, revisions, approvals with electronic signoff before distribution to the clients.

The distributed newsletter is tracked and timestamped when opened by the recipient. This provides a powerful engagement with the client and an opportunity to discuss the content in the newsletter after confirmation that the client has opened the newsletter.

CCR custom newsletter publishing workflow addresses this exact problem scenario along with the added challenge of displaying the newsletter, charts and data tables in an attractive format on a slew of widely used mobile and desktop devices. CCRT publishing workflow makes use of state-of-the-art technologies to create a responsive user interface.

Key Features

  • Custom web-platform
  • Role based user access and activity authorization
  • Dashboard to track activity status
  • Collaboration of authoring between various departments such as research, client engagement, sales, etc.
  • Automated processes to pulls information from external data sites
  • Automated work process to review, approve, electronic signoffs before distribution which can be tracked from the dashboard
  • Include links to white papers and other publications
  • Intuitive and user friendly management of custom information tables, index tables and content
  • Track with timestamp when recipient opens the newsletter and individual links
  • Option to download and print
  • Tag and track forwarded newsletters
  • History of distributed newsletters
  • Recipient’s access history

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