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CCR Technologies empowers businesses with data driven decision support systems. Data is the required foundation for informed decision making.

CCR Technologies is a provider of technology consulting and IT services to small and medium size companies who can benefit from large data management, data modeling platforms and process automation.

At a time when businesses are faced with ever increasing challenges in creating competitive advantage, managing risk, making proactive decisions and controlling costs, 

CCR’s services allow clients to focus on their core business process while relying on us to harness the power of new technologies for their information technology needs.

Excel spreadsheets is perhaps the most common data management technology used by small and medium businesses, besides a paper trail. While it may be cost effective, it is inefficient. Data is typically gathered and maintained by certain employees who have organically developed their data collection and data management processes over time and become single point owners of the data. Eventually, the data becomes un-wieldy and the business becomes shackled by the limitations of technology and its dependency on the employee, who lacks expertise or vision for utilization of data. Important opportunities may be lost for lack of insight from proactive data analysis.

Engagement with CCR

  • CCR assists to widen the base of client’s KNOWLEDGE PYRAMID by extracting information from data, knowledge from information & wisdom from knowledge.
  • CCR’s end-to-end services start with understanding the client’s vision and developing a timely and cost effective technology based solution targeted to automate and improve the client’s business processes and data management.
  • CCR’s development team is highly qualified to develop database powered proprietary web and mobile platforms and applications for data management, data modeling, process automation and other Information Technology solutions.
  • CCR has extensive experience using advanced technologies such as business intelligence and big data management and visualization using Geographic Information Systems, advanced analytics and charting tools.
  • CCR enforces its partnership approach and transparent engagement with open communication channels – daily, weekly updates and demos using collaboration tools and active communication.
  • CCR practices agile methodology.
  • CCR’s maintenance team maintains applications in commercial virtual cloud or on our virtual private network to manage expensive production costs and capital costs of hardware and software.
  • CCR is a complete one stop shop solution provider.

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