Workflow Management and Automation Systems​

A Business Analytics Solution to enhance the accuracy, speed and ease of your business process

Workflow Management and Automation Systems

Inefficient processes that are based on manual data collection and outdated tools lead to a loss of productivity, costly errors and unhappy teams. Are your team members struggling because these processes are made more difficult than they need to be? A variety of workflows enable your business operations. Across functions such as Manufacturing, Supply Chain, HR, Financial Services and Sales – defined workflows ensure that relevant information is available, and processes are followed.

CCR Technologies helps Small & Medium Enterprises manage and automate workflows so that operations are streamlined, and overheads are reduced. Our custom business analytics solution helps you analyze your current business processes, suggest process improvements, and apply technology to automate your workflows.

Automate Data Collection in Real Time

CCR Technologies assists organizations with automation of data collection from multiple sources and formats which can be processed into business insights to achieve one single version of the truth.

Data Analysis for Reports & Dashboards

Our interactive web-based dashboards will help you build a holistic view of your business. Customize your dashboards to meet the individual needs of each function. With dynamic filters, get the most meaningful insights to make more informed decisions.

Custom solutions


Financial Services
Health & Wearables


MIS Reporting
HR Dashboards
Supply Chain

Why CCR Technologies?

When you work with CCR Technologies to build workflow management tools, you get

A partner capable of putting the most suitable technology to work for you, spanning geolocations, mobility, web applications and data analytics tools.

A team with a high degree of credibility and successful track record of projects completed in the US and India.

Experience across sectors including financial services, engineering, oil & gas, healthcare, logistics and retail.

Repetitive, tedious workflows holding you back?

Reach out for a bespoke solution.

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