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How workflow automation boosts productivity and crushes roadblocks

In a highly competitive environment, business leaders are working relentlessly to distinguish their product, service and brand in the market. Much must be achieved with limited resources and a stringent budget. Many leaders recognize that automating repetitive business processes is essential to increase productivity and free up human resources. If a productivity boost is what your organization needs, workflow automation will help you get there!

Organizations and consumers both benefit when business processes are streamlined, simplified and automated. For instance, it was not a very long time ago when loan processing was a lengthy process involving copious amounts of paperwork and a staggering number of days (perhaps, even weeks and months) for the bank or lender to carry out customer on-boarding, conduct background checks, credit evaluation, formulate terms, etc. before disbursing the actual loan. Assisted by technology, the process has been streamlined with on-line forms that can validate and verify information, eliminate paper record keeping, automate credit evaluation and background checks and complete the loan process in record time.

Data is another important benefit and bi-product of business process automation. Data is the most valuable asset of any organization. Data collection, strategically organized for analysis, will open a whole new world of information and insights. Complex tasks requiring processing of large amounts of data can be completed in record time. Apart from saving precious minutes, the technology renders accurate and credible results as it is purely data-based and leaves no room for human-error.

The ultimate productivity boost

Workflow automation can propel the productivity of your organization in various ways. Consider the example of tracking inventory and sales at multiple sales office locations and reporting up the chain to the regional and corporate office. We come across many large organizations who collect this information in EXCEL sheets which are emailed to the corporate office where they are consolidated and collated into management reports.

A web-based process could collect the same information at source and make it available to the corporate office in real time, eliminating the need for the intervention at multiple stages. It can render maximum accuracy, efficiency and a smooth, standardized procedure – and all this on auto-pilot! The simplification of many peripheral procedures adds up to boost the overall productivity of your organization.

A solution to constant roadblocks

Other roadblocks for business processes are failure of communication, lack of accountability, poor connectivity among stakeholders and in some cases, limitations to carry out tasks remotely. Workflow automation presents a unique solution to counter roadblocks.

Often, projects, campaigns and initiatives require simultaneous interaction and co-ordination of multiple people and departments. These processes get unnecessarily delayed, dragged and dropped because of the lack of a tight workflow system.

Workflow automation assisted by technology can provide protocols such as email notifications or text messages when tasks are pending or completed, instruction on next steps, escalation to a supervisor if a process is not completed within a time frame.

Automating well-defined processes like invoicing, supply-chain management, logistics tracking, internal communication, etc. can lead to improved functioning and fewer obstructions.

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Increased visibility leads to increased opportunities

The advantages of workflow automation do not stop with increased productivity. Data collection for analysis is a critical benefit that will provide timely information and insights into your business.

CCR Technologies’ advanced interactive dashboards generate meaningful insights and recommendations that will help you make informed business decisions. With workflow automation, you will get a deeper, more comprehensive look into the various activities within your organization and a visual representation of your data to assist your decision-making.

Workflow automation is indisputably a strong step that your organization can take in the direction of digital transformation. With a stringent workflow in place, leaders will have the time and resources to pursue opportunities in the business development.

Madhura Chacko

Madhura is one of the founding members of CCR Technologies in Pune and its parent company CCR in Short Hills, NJ. She has 20+ years of experience in the area of Computer Systems development as well as IT business applications in Manufacturing, Finance & Telecom sectors. At CCR Technologies, Madhura is focused on development of decision support systems, database driven data modelling platforms and process automation to improve process efficiency. Madhura has a BSc from Pune University, MS in Computer & Information Science from University of Massachusetts, USA and teaching experience at University of Massachusetts and Pune University’s Computer Science Department.

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