PEO Services

Bridging the global demand for qualified technical resources

PEO Services

India has an extensive pool of talent and there are numerous candidates seeking global opportunities. CCR Technologies is a provider of PEO services, bridging the global demand for qualified technical resources working from the home country, avoiding extensive time and costs of sponsorships and migration.

CCR Technologies partners with global organizations to hire talented and highly qualified resources in India and manage their HR administration, employee management, legal, payroll and employee relations activities from hire to retire and all the interim stages.

Talent Acquisition

Our services begin with recruiting assistance in India. We assist with developing a strategy, planning and sourcing qualified talent, arranging interviews and assisting with making offers.

Employees hired in this program are seconded to our partner organization. Their work is managed directly and exclusively by the partner organization. Employees may work-from-home or work from our office, where they have access to dedicated workspace, business quality high speed internet access, and meeting rooms to best support the business needs of our partner.

Our focus is to find the right fit for both, the organization as well as the candidate. We conduct extensive background checks, verification of potential employee’s academic qualifications and employment history.  

Employee Relations

Starting with a warm welcome, the employee is made to feel part of an organization, supported by a technical support team, accounting team along with a HR manager who can answer any concerns related to payroll, tax queries and benefits.

A strong on-boarding process facilitates the newly hired employee to become productive quickly. Our employee handbook provides clear overview of policies and procedures, mission, vision, and values statement, thus outlining the company’s culture. 

Technical Support

Employees working offsite require certain critical technical support. Generally, they are provided with equipment which must be used exclusively for business purpose only. The equipment may require installation of monitoring, encryption, and security software tools. 

CCR Technologies technical support team can assist with procuring the hardware (laptops and other equipment), prepping it with pre-installed software before it is delivered to the employee. The technical team can manage the inventory, track warranties, assist with breakdowns and keep stock updated.

Payroll Administration

As local payroll provider, we are able to ensure timely payments while adhering to local tax compliances and deductions along with extensive and sometimes complicated legal and statutory mandates in India. All payroll related questions are handled by our qualified accounting and HR team.

Employee Benefits

We believe, to win in the marketplace, we must first win in the workplace. We empower our employees with clear policy information and treat them as our partners with flexible leave and holiday management, and benefits including provident fund, gratuity, group accident insurance and health insurance reimbursement.

Travel & Visa Assistance

As part of executing projects, employees may be required to travel within and outside India.

CCR Technologies team will assist with the visa process, which is very nuanced and varies from country by country. Often the visa process requires scheduling consulate visits for biometric scans and interviews, mailing of passports, etc. CCR Technologies will coordinate all the required employer sponsorship information and take care of payment of fees, etc.

Our team can provide assistance with travel plans, travel tickets, hotel confirmations, travel insurance and support letters. CCR Technologies will coordinate all the required employer information and take care of payment of fees, etc. and assist with travel arrangement.

For employee’s convenience, CCR Technologies can sponsor a multi-currency FOREX card. This company issued FOREX card will be pre-loaded prior to the employee’s travel date and the remaining un-used balance will be withdrawn upon employees return.

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