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cMailit – A brand new solution from CCR Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

cMailit (c-mail-it for corporate-mail-it) is an integrated newsletter publishing SaaS platform, designed especially for corporate and institutional communication needs. If you are already sending newsletters, brochures, product updates, invitations to seminars, webinars and courses, etc. and finding the task engulfing, leaving you with no bandwidth to do other things, you must switch to cMailit.  In case you are not sending out corporate communication, don’t you think it is time you start?  Especially when cMailit has made it so simple!

Why CMailit?

Putting together a newsletter requires many skillsets from multiple people -Authors/Content Writers, Editors and Chief Editor (or the Publisher). cMailit brings them all on a single platform with each person having their own secure login access and individualized custom dashboards. The Chief Editor can see and track all work from the Chief Editor’s dashboard while the Editors and Content Writers have their own dashboards. cMailit allows your team to have multiple Editors and Content Writers or a single person with multiple roles.  The Content Writer can write an article and forward it to the Editor or the Chief Editor. The Editor in turn can edit the article and send it to the Chief Editor or can comment on it and send it back to the Content Writer.  All this can be done from the integrated cMailit platform and without the use of emails going back and forth.  So, you can say good bye to articles stored in multiple locations with multiple names.  And best of all, you can see the status of all articles your team is working on in the dashboard.

From the Chief Editor’s desk, the Chief Editor can compile the newsletter by choosing the articles to include and their sequence, adding pictures, videos, gifs, writing an editorial or a short summary. The newsletter can be formatted, previewed and finished with uniform fonts, colors, company logo, social media links, etc.

Finally, cMailit allows you to create multiple mailing lists and distribute and redistribute the current newsletter or one from the archives to some or all mailing lists.

Isn’t that awesome!

CMailit Advantage

cMailit facilitates collaboration between Content Writers, Editors and the Chief Editor.  It allows commentary by multiple contributors. The newsletter undergoes reviews, revisions, approvals with electronic signoff before distribution.

After distribution, cMailit tracks distributed newsletter and timestamps them when they are opened by the recipient. This provides a powerful engagement with the client and an opportunity to discuss the content in the newsletter after confirmation that the client has opened the newsletter.  Presenting it all on the dashboard so you can track your readership.

CCR custom newsletter publishing workflow addresses the added challenge of displaying the newsletter in an attractive and professional format on a slew of widely used mobile and desktop devices using state-of-the-art technologies to create a responsive interface.

Key Features

  • Custom web-platform
  • Role based user access and activity authorization
  • Dashboard to track activity status
  • Collaboration of authoring between various departments such as research, client engagement, etc.
  • Automated processes to pull information from external data sites
  • Automated work process to review, approve, electronic signoffs before distribution which can be tracked from the dashboard
  • Include links to white papers and other publications
  • Intuitive and user-friendly management of custom information tables, index tables and content
  • Track with timestamp when a recipient opens the newsletter and individual links
  • Option to download and print
  • Tag and track forwarded newsletters
  • History of distributed newsletters
  • Recipient’s access history

So, what are you waiting for?  Go to, register and get started, it costs nothing to try it! After registration, the first 150 emails you send are free. Or, write to us and schedule a demo.

Madhura Chacko

Madhura is one of the founding members of CCR Technologies in Pune and its parent company CCR in Short Hills, NJ. She has 20+ years of experience in the area of Computer Systems development as well as IT business applications in Manufacturing, Finance & Telecom sectors. At CCR Technologies, Madhura is focused on development of decision support systems, database driven data modelling platforms and process automation to improve process efficiency. Madhura has a BSc from Pune University, MS in Computer & Information Science from University of Massachusetts, USA and teaching experience at University of Massachusetts and Pune University’s Computer Science Department.

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