CCR understands that the need for maintaining confidentiality and security in the services industries is paramount. We are also deeply aware of the distinctive needs of these industries in terms of issues like regulation and compliance. Safeguarding the intellectual property of our clients is our priority. We therefore approach the matter of confidentiality and security from multiple angles.

First, we ensure strictest confidentiality in all our transactions. We execute NDAs with our clients, and our employees sign NDAs with CCR. All projects are developed in-house.

Second, our research and development teams maintain strict Chinese walls. We do not share information, data, code or resources between clients. Our managers and systems administration closely monitor all transactions to ensure that information and data is not compromised.

Third, our systems team works proactively to design and manage infrastructure guaranteed to ensure a clean separation of all resources- information, databases, source code, software and other intellectual property of our clients. Implementation of Virtual Private Networks secured by industrial strength SSL encryption, Secure FTP/Secure Shell data transfers, firewalls, anti-virus & anti-spam solutions also contribute to the effort to maintain security.

We design systems and solutions from the perspective of Disaster Recovery preparedness. We strive to deliver the capability to recover from disastrous server crashes and natural disasters.

Intellectual Property

  • NDA compliance
  • 3rd party agreement compliance
  • Protect Intellectual Property

Secure Transactions

  • Confidentiality of communications
  • Data transfer encryption
  • Prevention of data compromise
  • Prevention of information leakage

IT Security

  • Secured Virtual Private Network connectivity
  • Anti-virus & anti-spam solutions
  • Firewalling to ward against malicious hackers
  • IP address/user tracking & auditing

Disaster Recovery

  • Proactive infrastructure design and management for DR
  • Database & web server redundancy
  • Backup strategies to ensure speedy recovery
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