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Workflow Automation services

Workflow Automation Services

Managing your business operations depends on many different workflows. Data needs to be available to the right people, approvals and reviews need to be done, reports need to be generated and tasks need to be tracked. But in many organizations, these processes are just made more difficult than they need to be. Inefficient processes that are based on manual work and outdated tools lead to a loss of productivity, costly errors and unhappy teams.

At CCRT, we help organizations automate workflows so that business processes are followed with far lower overheads. We analyse your current business processes, suggest process improvements, and apply technology to automate workflows.

When you work with CCRT to build workflow management tools, you get:

  1. A partner capable of putting the most suitable technology to work for you, including geolocations, mobility, web applications and data analytics tools.
  2. A team with a high degree of credibility and successful track record of projects completed in the US and India.
  3. Experience across sectors including financial services, engineering, oil & gas, healthcare, logistics and retail.

CCRT helped us to automate the approval process for purchases from our vendors. In six months, we could see actual savings, thanks to transparency, better control, audit trails and systematic approvals.

– CEO of mid-sized engineering components manufacturing company –

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