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Is your organization working in the most effective way possible – aligned to objectives and optimizing available resources? This depends a lot on business processes, and these need to be designed so that they don’t hamper speed and agility. At the same time, the pursuit of speed should not lead to unreliable processes and a lack of visibility.

Systematically analysing and defining business workflows is an important first step towards enhancing operational efficiency. Workflow management systems can then be created – defining process initiation, approval, data collation and reporting procedures, and their schedules.

Business benefits of
workflow management

Systems that are mapped to your specific objectives deliver real business benefits:

  • Real time tracking of operational activities
  • Productivity improvement and optimization of team efforts
  • Progress measurement against specific goals
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication
  • Effective data analysis that leads to business insights and better decisions

Features of an effective
workflow management system

Workflow management systems replace manual, paper or spreadsheet based systems and unlock efficiencies throughout the organization. Essential features of a workflow management systems include:

  • Built to match your specific objectives, processes and integrate with existing enterprise systems
  • Designed to fulfill the requirements of different stakeholders and roles
  • Deliver information to stakeholders in the form of reports and dashboards that aid decision-making
  • Enable communication, collaboration and properly track exchanges and documents
  • Ensure information security
  • Available on all devices – desktop and mobile
At CCR Technologies, we help organizations across sectors to create workflow management and automation systems, applying the right technology tools.

workflow automation

process optimization

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Top 7 Features Your Workflow Management System Must Have

We are often surprised to find that, in the best of companies, many workflows that involve data collection, processing, reviews, approvals and reporting depend on manual processing by way of Excel sheets.

Manual or inefficient business processes are a cause of revenue leakage, employee discomfort and poor customer delivery, yet they are often overlooked by strategic leadership. While there may be a number of initiatives under way for quality and process improvement in the enterprise, the plight of a manager who is regularly collating Excel sheets from various colleagues to create management reports often goes unnoticed.

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