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The finance department of your organization is tasked with tracking business performance, while also ensuring compliance to statutory and internal processes. How well have you equipped your finance team to deliver these extremely critical responsibilities? Do finance managers struggle to collate data from multiple sources and in non-standard formats? That’s the reality in organizations across sectors – and their challenge is further compounded when they face the highest workloads before non-negotiable deadlines.

Now you can empower your finance function with technology solutions that standardize processes, ensure data integrity, and enhance accuracy and productivity. These finance process automation solutions are built to meet the specific requirements of your business operations and integrate with existing enterprise systems.

Finance workflows
that can be automated

Finance workflow automation systems can automate data collation, processing, approval workflows and reporting. A few finance processes that benefit from workflow automation are:

  • Expense request and approval workflows
  • Accounts payable and receivable tracking and follow ups
  • Travel expense request, approval, filing and reconciliation
  • Vendor payments
  • Salary computation

Reach out to CCR Technologies to analyse your current processes and how workflow automation can benefit your business.

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Sample reports & Dashboards

Automatically collate data from multiple sources, process and present through reports and dashboards that best serve stakeholders. A few dashboards that your finance workflow automation systems can create include:

  • Budget allocation and utilization
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Performance data – organized by region, product, plant etc.
  • People related costs
  • Capital utilization and costs

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