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Financial services companies today need technology applications that will help to deliver great customer service and develop innovative offerings, while also ensuring cost control and process compliance. Increasingly demanding customers, intense competition and a highly dynamic business environment creates a need for systems to give them the edge. But in fact, existing processes are usually the weakest link in the chain, as hundreds of paper, email and spreadsheet based systems are still in use. These are an unproductive utilization of time and effort, and hamper innovative and new ways of doing business.


Asset management and wealth management firms can get geared up for the future by adopting workflow management systems, prioritizing which workflows can be automated, and developing the most suitable technology based systems.

Workflow automation for financial services helps to enhance customer satisfaction and increase revenue, while ensuring data security and maintaining audit trails.

  • Customer sign-on, verification and onboarding process
  • Channel partner applications, processing and sign on process
  • Generating proposals for prospects
  • Cross selling more services to existing customers
  • Legal contract drafting, review and signing
  • Automatic collection of market and economic data
  • Disseminating updated information about products and offers to field staff
  • Reporting and communication with customers through web and mobile apps
  • Vendor invoice acceptance, approval and processing

At CCR Technologies, we have a successful track record of working with financial services companies and creating customized workflow automation solutions for them.​

case study

Custom Reports​

Our global capital markets client wanted to create a web based tool for generating daily and weekly customized market summary and valuation reports for distribution internally and clients. The application would compile data from multiple sources to generate proprietary indices, news and commentary on industry studies and capital market transactions. Reports needed to be accessed on mobile platforms like the iPhone, Android and iPad, so that management could stay current and effectively communicate with clients when they were away from the office.

Workflow Automation - By Function

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