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Workflow Automation - By Function

HR plays a strategically important role in the ability of an organization to build teams and talent. But the truth is, most HR managers are caught up in a variety of non-strategic tasks. Think about what your HR resources are spending most of their time on. Chances are that you’ll find repetitive administrative tasks, coordination for approvals, data collation and report generation.

How can you change this? The answer lies in HR process automation, which automates a variety of workflows and tasks related to recruitment, employee onboarding, appraisals, learning & development, salary computation and more. Powerful HR automation frees managers to focus on finding, building and retaining talent, while also enhancing employee engagement, thanks to simpler, user-friendly processes.


In many organizations that have enterprise systems such as an ERP, we have seen that manual, paper or spreadsheet based systems still exist. We create customized HR process automation systems that replace these manual workflows and meet your specific objectives.

It’s important to automate the following HR workflows:

  • Recruitment related workflows, right from defining a hiring need to making an offer to an applicant.
  • Onboarding a new employee and providing access to enterprise systems.
  • Managing identity-based and role-based access to enterprise systems.
  • Employee records maintenance.
  • Performance appraisal procedures.
  • Record and track learning & development goals and activities.
  • Revoke access and create documentation when an employee exits the organization.

For HR process management that streamlines operations, ensures compliance, and provides visibility to all stakeholders, reach out to the experts at CCR Technologies.

Sample reports & Dashboards

Simplify your information gathering process, start presenting data to your management that actually matters and helps you take decisions.  Right from employee enrollment to HR team efficiency; get a single view dashboard of all your key metrics.

  • Total head count
  • Headcount by location
  • Headcount by departments
  • Total salary expenses
  • Leave records
  • Hiring data
  • Recruitment data
  • Alerts and notifications

7 Ways to Automate HR Workflows for Better Employee Lifecycle Management

According to Matt Ferguson, CEO of “HR is the new frontier for data science applications in business…” He stresses the need for HR to use data-driven, efficient technologies to drive bottom-line business growth. He also quotes a study conducted by CareerBuilder, in which 35% of CEOs said their recruitment process was inefficient, while 25% admitted that candidate experience was not as good as it could be. 48% of CEOs in the study also feared that their companies had lost money due to inefficient recruiting.

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