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The right technology systems can enable organizations in the oil and gas sector to achieve strategic objectives such as process optimization, regulatory compliance, better safety standards and higher value realization. Information, automation and visualization are required to manage engineering, planning and operations, control, and asset performance.

This sector includes large corporation as well as mid-sized or small enterprises engaged in a variety of services across the value chain. The technology adoption maturity levels vary – while the corporations have enterprise systems designed for oil and gas operations, other players still depend on a number of spreadsheet based systems.


The following workflows can be automated to enhance the productivity and profitability of oil and gas operations in the upstream, midstream and downstream segments:


Exploration and Production (E&P)

Planning drilling operations and tracking safety checks
Equipment inspection: planning, recording and analysis
Weather monitoring: data collation from specific sources and analysis
Asset tracking: assets such as wells, pipelines, leases, permits
Well planning: plan well pad patterns around multiple surface drilling constraints, and optimize drilling patterns


Transportation to refineries

Logistics planning and tracking
Analysis of deviation from planned schedules
Route optimization based on geolocation information
Pipeline inspection: checking for leaks and geo-hazards, scheduling, reporting and analysis
Pipeline routing based on ‘least cost path analysis’.


Oil refineries, natural gas processing, distribution and sales to consumers

Yield optimization
Operator performance
Safety checks and reporting
Feedstock price fluctuations: reporting, tracking and optimization
Plant maintenance: tracking, reporting and analysis

At CCR Technologies, we put a variety of technologies to use – cloud, mobility, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or RFID – to deliver workflow automation and process optimization to oil and gas companies.​

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