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Workflow Automation - By Function

Managing production today demands fine coordination of multiple processes that maybe in-house or with external partners. When done effectively, this ensures optimum utilization of manufacturing facilities, lower inventory costs, rapid response to market demands and better product quality.

Production workflow automation enables organizations to achieve these benefits, while optimizing efforts and enabling decision-making.

Production workflows
that can be automated

Although enterprise systems exist in organizations, each process and workflow may not be mapped to these. The gaps result in production workflows that are paper or spreadsheet based, leading to unreliable data, poor coordination of production and lack of visibility.  Consider the following production workflows and how they can be improved by workflow automation systems:

  • Bill of material processing and production planning
  • Release of orders to suppliers
  • Tracking supplier receipts, invoices and payments
  • Tracking raw material usage and manufacturing losses
  • Quality assurance and approvals
  • Shipping and delivery of finished goods

Speak to an expert at CCR Technologies to analyse your production processes and develop a custom workflow automation system for you.

Generate insights and reports

Track metrics and Key Performance Indicator’s that matter to your manufacturing department. Right from the shop floor to the desk of senior management, get a single window of visibility across your production, people, logistics and market demand, all through a single system. Start building custom smart reports and dashboards for your organization with CCR Tech Workflow automation and Management services.

  • Total revenue
  • Gross margins
  • Number of customers
  • Production rate by line
  • Productivity by line
  • Utilization of machines
  • Total production
  • Shortfall
  • Asking rate
  • Alerts and notifications

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