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Sales effectiveness is a business imperative, and the while sales activities are highly visible, what goes on behind the scenes is also critical for success. Can your processes, technology and systems increase sales efficiency? Or are they eating away at the time and energy of salespeople – resources that could have been put to far better use if focused on customers?

Automating sales workflows increases the effectiveness of the sales function dramatically. Technology based systems designed for sales enablement can free up your teams to find more opportunities and close more deals.

Sales workflows that can be automated

In most organizations, sales people spend frustratingly large amounts of time on administrative tasks.  Typically, these include manually recording discussions during meetings, coordinating with legal teams for contract drafting, and updating information in the CRM.

Here’s a list of some sales workflows that should be automated:

  • Record meeting notes, share with stakeholders and update in the CRM.
  • Allocate leads to sales people and track progress.
  • Capture email correspondence information in the CRM.
  • Customize standard documents such as proposal templates for a particular opportunity.
  • Track follow-ups and share marketing content with prospects.
  • Track discounts offered and maintain an audit trail.
  • Generate documents for contract renewals.
  • Create sales reports for internal stakeholders.

At CCR Technologies, we have the expertise to give you the full benefits of sales automation. We study your workflows and existing systems, and design sales workflow automation systems that map perfectly to your business and objectives.

Sample reports & Dashboards

Get actionable insights on each of your field agents. Get metrics to drive operational intelligence. Right from your field agents to impact on your revenue – all through a single system. We can help you build custom reports and dashboards of your on-ground sales team to track their operations in real time.

  • Active field force
  • Appointments generated
  • Revenue generated
  • Leader boards
  • Under performers
  • Location feeds
  • Live tracking
  • Alerts and notifications

Top 3 sales processes that could be automated to increase revenue

A recent study conducted by has revealed that sales reps spend only 37% of their time selling. 14.8% of their time is spent on administrative tasks and about 33.2% of their valuable time is spent on email communication.

It’s then no surprise that so many sales teams seem to always be under great pressure to meet their targets. Business leaders and sales managers are constantly faced with the daunting task of increasing sales efficiency.

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