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Supply chain management workflows involve specific challenges, as goods and assets are geographically distributed, and often spread across multi-modal transportation. Effective scheduling, tracking, documentation and reporting are extremely important in order to meet delivery commitments, optimize assets and revenue generation.


The effective use of technology for supply chain automation can streamline a variety of processes:

  • Process enquiries, check available options and generate commercial proposals.
  • Documentation and checks for material received
  • View available storage and transportation facilities and communicate with sales force
  • Route planning for transportation
  • Optimize storage and transportation facilities
  • Real-time tracking of material movement
  • Scheduling and routing of distribution of goods to point-of-sale or end user
  • Invoice completed orders
  • Account receivable tracking
  • Ensure necessary conditions for perishable goods
  • Schedule and track the inspection and maintenance of assets

Workflow automation systems that leverage cloud, mobility, RFID, barcode scanning and web technologies ensure accuracy, secure and efficient processing of supply chain logistics.

case study

Supply Chain Management

The customer provides storage and transportation of the components required for manufacturing industries. They were using spreadsheets and manual systems to track their assets and generate the information needed for invoicing. This led to revenue leakage and errors. CCR Technologies developed Workflow Automation that brought in better visibility, control, coordination and accuracy.

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