Our Services

CCR’s engagement with clients begins with understanding the client’s vision and collaborating to provide transformational cost effective state-of-the-art solutions.

We provide end-to-end IT consulting, software development, infrastructure provisioning, data management and administration.

With complex options like Cloud, Virtualization, Business Intelligence and Mobility, CCR assists clients in narrowing down their options and providing the best solution.

Our Approach

CCR follows the Lean Start-Up, Agile development (Scrum) methodology in its development process. This promotes constant open communication with our clients. It also ensures transparency of the development process and robustness of the end product, providing our clients the speed to market advantage.

IT Services

CCR works with web and mobile technologies to develop database driven knowledge platforms for decision support.

Our expertise is in the development of robust, n-tier web-based and thick client applications. We have developed specialized skill sets in data management, data analytics, creating highly customized and advanced charts, dashboards and reports. We have significant experience working with APIs (e.g. Bloomberg, Factset), data feeds and third-party controls.

Our Expertise

  • Database powered Web & Mobile platforms
  • Tracking & wearables devices
  • IOT services
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Management & Data Automation
  • Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics
  • Responsive Web Design

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Our Clients

We have provided unique solutions to Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) as well as larger institutional clients.

  • We provide our clients with the best technology to boost their productivity and ROI.
  • We meet the needs of SMEs that may not have the ability to incur the overhead of an in-house Software/Information Technology team. These clients rely on us for technology based proprietary solutions which allow them to focus on their core business.

We understand the need to provide and maintain the highest level of security and confidentiality in the services industries.

  • We are not a generic “IT/Software Services” company. Our engagement begins with understanding our client’s vision and business requirements and we work in partnership to develop a value added solution.
  • We encourage and actively promote cross-team collaboration between the business and the development teams to deliver maximum value to our clients.

Servicing clients in the following segments

  • Fixed income, equity, quantitative & global economic research for brokerage & advisory firms (sell side) & hedge fund universe (buy side)
  • Financial models for proactive investment idea generation
  • Bespoke financial models for research publications
  • Subscription portals
  • Content Management Systems
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Tracking of wearable devices and data integration with mobile and web platforms
  • GIS visualization of energy data
  • Tools for real-time data analysis
  • Quality control data analytics for real time decision support based on trend analysis
  • Material Movement tracking for real time decision strategies & integration with mobile and web platform
  • Tracking of sales executives with regard to customers met and distance travelled
  • Real time updates and rescheduling if required
  • Quick and realistic conveyance settlements
  • Individuals performance tracking on real time comparative with historical data, progress tracking, relating to impact of training modules etc.

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