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Automate workflows to deliver business results

Is your business struggling with systems that create a lot of work or don’t do exactly what you need?

Move away from processes that need you to comply with them. Let the process work for you. Get systems that achieve your business objectives. Let’s talk about workflow automation.


The world has the potential to connect billions more people to digital networks, dramatically improve the efficiency of organizations and even manage assets in ways that can help regenerate the natural environment, potentially undoing the damage of previous industrial revolutions.

However, organizations which are unable to adapt including governments, could face grave consequences.

CCR Technologies is a trusted partner for enterprises and mid-sized organizations across sectors. We apply the most appropriate technology to create systems that streamline operations and achieve business objectives. We build bespoke workflow automation systems and enable organizations to best leverage the power of the cloud.

Our presence in the USA and India enables us to provide the highest standards of service in both these markets, as well as to global enterprises.

why us

Here are just a few reasons


A partner capable of putting the most suitable technology to work for you, spanning geolocations, mobility, web applications and data analytics tools.


A team with a high degree of credibility and successful track record of projects completed in the US and India.


Experience across sectors including financial services, engineering, oil & gas, healthcare, logistics and retail.

Success Stories

Free Gap Analysis

We are offering a free gap analysis of your business process management. Our team of expert Workflow Automation consultants can offer you customized, automated workflows and if required, even help you integrate them with the ERP system you may be using, at an affordable cost and in a timely manner.

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