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A manufacturing enterprise today spans a supply chain ecosystem, production facilities and finished-good distribution networks. Increasingly, these operations are geographically dispersed, often across countries and continents. Achieving critical parameters has become more complex than ever.

Enterprise systems such as ERPs are typically in place. However, the dynamic nature of business today means that processes and information requirements keep changing, and mapping these to an ERP would be a daunting task – time consuming and costly. ‘Workaround’ solutions – usually involving spreadsheets and manual processing, are devised, and are neither effective nor efficient.

The smarter solution is to apply technology to create systems that automate manufacturing workflows and integrate with enterprise systems.


Consider the following manufacturing processes and how these are currently being managed in your organization.


Procurement planning based on market demand
Release of purchase orders to vendors
Supplier shipment status tracking
Quality checks of raw material and bought-outs
Vendor invoice approval


Production planning for various plants and equipment
Production output and schedule monitoring
Equipment maintenance schedule and downtime reporting


Attendance and time records approval for salary computations
Work planning for full-time and contract employees


Review of capital expense requests
Track accounts payable
Track accounts receivable

Sales & Distribution

Schedule and route of finished-goods shipment
Selecting appropriate modes of transport
Tracking discounts offered

At CCR Technologies, we build customized workflow automation systems that leverage technologies such as cloud, mobility, RFID, geotracking and barcodes to automate tasks related to each of these areas.

Generate insights and reports

Track metrics and Key Performance Indicator’s that matter to your manufacturing department. Right from the shop floor to the desk of senior management, get a single window of visibility across your production, people, logistics and market demand, all through a single system. Start building custom smart reports and dashboards for your organization with CCR Tech Workflow automation and Management services.

  • Total revenue
  • Gross margins
  • Number of customers
  • Production rate by line
  • Productivity by line
  • Utilization of machines
  • Total production
  • Shortfall
  • Asking rate
  • Alerts and notifications

7 ways workflow automation can drive your business productivity

In this digital world, businesses move quickly and so do their strategies and goals. Effective workflow management means creating a consistent but agile process that can adapt to changing business priorities with a clear understanding to support the business vision.

To meet this challenge, many businesses are turning to automated workflow management solutions, which enable them to more effectively manage goals across the organization and help their employees work more efficiently.

Workflow Automation - By Function

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